What we do

We help brands to provide new digital experiences, complementing and extending their digital strategy through multiplatform video games.
We rely on proprietary and third-party engines to create new games, optimized for different devices (Desktop, smartphones, tablets)

Design Thinking

Every final design that we provide is the top of the iceberg of a deep creative thinking, therefore behind every game are a lot of hours spent in this activity.

Art Work

We invest in thinking, drawing, sketching and digitalizing with the aim of providing an exciting visual experience, taking careful care of the brand and characters’ identities.


Multiplatform is the order of the day. We develop fully featured games that runs in the browser, iOS, and Android devices.


We’ve worked across multiple countries, helping native and foreign brands to understand their audience and developing solutions according to their likes and preferences, providing all the necessary marketing materials to promote the game.

Development Process

In order to be aligned to the brand strategy and guarantee the success of the game we follow an agile development process:

Prototyping is an essential aspect of the development process, therefore we invest the necessary time to think the narrative, gameplay, theme and economy of the game.
We know that in game development the game cannot be fully defined from scratch. Product requirements now a days change during development.

That is why we choose to use the Scrum framework which allow us to quickly adapt to changes and product requirements.

Our pipeline is divided in short iterations showing working software every two weeks, so the client can see the progress of the project and provide feedback from the current features.

Along the development process and before delivering any of our games, we make a deep study of its usability in multiple platforms and audiences, this way we can guarantee an comfortable user experience.

A team dedicated to evaluate every detail and seeking for code bugs before the game is deployed, assuring this way the quality standards that we work with.

Why Choose Us?

  • We welcome a good technological challenge.
  • We have a passion for short iterations and small teams.
  • We love simple design, flexible technology, music, coffee, and math.